September 27, 2023
Special visit for special children in Aksaray Special visit for special children in Aksaray

Special visit for special children in Aksaray

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu made simultaneous visits to special children in the city center together with all institution directors.

AKSARAY (İGFA) – 20 teams consisting of institution directors under the presidency of Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu Visits to special children living in 60 households. Interviews were held with families and special children to assess their problems and needs.
Governor Hamza Aydoğdu made his first visit to the disabled Adem Atak and his family. Having met with Atak for a while, Governor Aydoğdu; “You are the crown of our head. We are always with you. We have come to have a fight and solve your problems, if any. ”

Stating his satisfaction with the visit, Adem Atak said,“ May Allah not harm our state. “We have no trouble, the relevant units of our state take care of us.” Later, Governor Aydoğdu was a guest to the houses of special children Şevval Bayar and Melek Duran. The Governor Aydoğdu, who had a conversation with the children and their families for a while, invited Şevval to the Governor’s Office, saying “I am waiting for your letter and you too” to Şevval Bayar, who wants to be his pen pal with him.
The angel smiled.

Grandfather, grandmother; 7-year-old Melek Duran, who lived with his parents, and Governor Aydoğdu, who was a guest of his family, took a close interest in Melek who showed her room and showed the model houses that her father designed for her. Stating that he wanted to host Melek Duran, whom he had chatted with for a while, in the Governorship, Melek said, “There is a virus, I can’t come”, and the Governor Aydoğdu and his family smiled.

Governor Hamza Aydoğdu stated that the visits they initiated with institution directors would continue routinely; He noted that the orphans, families of martyrs, veterans and special children will always be with them in Aksaray in unity, and it is their primary duty to meet their needs and problems.

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