May 31, 2023
‘Special course’ request from Batman educators 'Special course' request from Batman educators

‘Special course’ request from Batman educators

Private Education and Various Courses Development Association Batman Branch President Veysi Başaran said that education should start in private courses.

Batman (İGFA) – Stating that education is one of the areas where the pandemic left them in a difficult situation. Veysi Başaran, President of the Education and Various Courses Development Association, reminded that although 8th and 12th grades will take the exam after 4-5 months, they have not received face-to-face education for about 9 months.

How these children will be successful in LGS and YKS Pointing out that there are question marks on the subject, Mayor Başaran said, “By taking necessary precautions, at least private courses and DYK courses should be opened as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the victimization of families with middle and low income groups is increasing many times over. Since these children cannot afford private lessons, they will be unsuccessful compared to the students who take private lessons. “Inequality of opportunity will lead to the loss of a generation,” he said. {2nd}

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