April 2, 2023
Special center for youth from Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Special center for youth from Mardin Metropolitan Municipality

Special center for youth from Mardin Metropolitan Municipality

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture, Tourism and Social Affairs Youth Center serves as a training center for young people to develop themselves and gain various equipment.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Consider the interests and demands of the youth. Training and courses such as foreign policy, foreign language, literacy, music, painting, press, EBA, and computers are provided in Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center.

At the same time, reading, research, dialogue and social While the young cafe and the library are offered to the service of young people so that they can develop and strengthen their relationships, approximately 17 thousand young people have registered and benefit from 25 active courses so far.

At the Youth Center, the Foreign Policy Workshop provides training on academic writing techniques for young people who continue their undergraduate or graduate degrees to be able to read correctly, to gain scientific research and writing skills.

In Literacy Workshop, in order to have an idea about Old Turkish Literature; Divan lesson, anthology, cinephile, broad view with youth, cities and tracks, short films and documentaries, book readings, debate school classes are given.

Music Workshop opened to increase the musical skills of young people; Baglama, guitar, violin, darbuka, erbane / bendir lessons are given.

In addition to English, Russian and German lessons, a comprehensive education program is offered for young people who are preparing for YKS exams in order to improve themselves in the field of foreign language. While books and questions are distributed free of charge to banks, trial exams are held regularly. During the periods when face-to-face education is suspended within the scope of COVID-19 measures, live broadcasts are made on Panik TV Youtube channel.

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