April 2, 2023
Social support initiative from Bursa Karacabey Social support initiative from Bursa Karacabey

Social support initiative from Bursa Karacabey

Karacabey Municipality Social Assistance Affairs Directorate continues its activities in the new building, which has been completed in Esentepe District and includes a soup kitchen and a guest house.

BURSA (İGFA) – Karacabey Municipality, social continues to set an example with its municipal work. Mayor Ali Özkan said that in terms of the sustainability of the soup kitchen and other activities, they also took the Directorate of Social Assistance Affairs to this building.

Özkan also emphasized that there is an intense request for help for the soup kitchen and said, ‘Thank you. Our philanthropists in our district provide their continuous support to the soup kitchen. We deliver the meals we prepare with these incoming food supports to the homes of those in need. Our citizens who wish may support these meals that we deliver to those in need by making direct food aid for the soup kitchen. ”

Ali Özkan stated that with the activation of the soup kitchen, free food was distributed to an average of 500 people per day. , brings hot food to their homes for our elderly and sick citizens in need who cannot leave their homes. In addition, our teams can deliver daily hot meals to our quarantined citizens, if they wish, directly to their homes. For this, it is sufficient for our citizens who request to call 0224 676 55 33 belonging to Karacabey Municipality Social Assistance Affairs Directorate. ”

Mayor Özkan stated that the teams of the Social Aid Affairs Directorate are struggling especially during the pandemic process, as well as routine aid works. During the pandemic process, it responded to the Vefa Groups, Health Directorate teams and all the needs of our citizens over 65 years old, and achieved a successful result. ”

Mayor Ali Özkan, private electronic patient available for bedridden patients within the body of Karacabey Municipality Social Assistance Affairs Directorate. Stating that the beds are installed free of charge in the homes of the citizens who are in demand, he said that the wheelchair needs are also met in line with the requests. On the other hand, it was stated that while the Karacabey Municipality also provided free patient transport ambulance service for the citizens, an average of 60 patients per month were transferred in this way.

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