April 1, 2023
Snow postponement to postponement match Snow postponement to postponement match

Snow postponement to postponement match

Misli.com The postponement match of İnegölspor- Sancaktepe FK, which should be played today in the 2nd League, was postponed due to profit.

BURSA (İGFA) – Misli.com 2nd League In the 12th week delay match of Beyaz Group, Sancaktepe Football Club match, which İnegölspor will host at the District Stadium, was postponed to 13.00 tomorrow due to heavy snowfall and the ongoing field cleaning works.

With the İnegöl Municipality Park and Gardens Directorate. The team of approximately 50 people belonging to the Directorate of Science Affairs started the field cleaning work at 08:00 in the morning and continued until the time the match was played.

The match referee Gürel Uzuner and his team went out to the field at the match time and made observations. The referee committee, which was convinced that the field cleaning works would continue for a long time, postponed the game on the grounds that the field was not suitable for playing the match.

While the field cleaning activities were continuing, it was decided that the match will be played at 13.00 tomorrow.

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