September 27, 2023
Smiling faces with ‘welcome baby’ in Aydın Smiling faces with 'welcome baby' in Aydın

Smiling faces with ‘welcome baby’ in Aydın

Families are smiling with the ‘Welcome Baby’ project, which was implemented last year in Aydin’s Didim district.


Under the leadership of Didim Mayor A. Deniz Atabay. The ‘Welcome Baby’ project, which has been implemented in recent years, makes families happy. Within the scope of the project, which attracts the attention of the citizens of Didim, the Welcome Baby team, affiliated to the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs of Didim Municipality, visits the families who have new babies and presents baby sets that contain materials such as bodysuit, degree, bath cap, diaper etc. In addition, expert teams also support families in child development and education.
Didim Mayor A. Deniz Atabay noted that the project they implemented with the understanding of social municipality was shaped together with experts and said, “We guide families for their development with our experts affiliated to our municipality. He said, “Every child in Didim should be born under equal conditions and grow up with equal opportunities.”

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