May 31, 2023
Sivas is the first in flower honey production Sivas is the first in flower honey production

Sivas is the first in flower honey production

Sivas continues to grow day by day in agriculture and animal husbandry. Agriculture and animal husbandry, which are of absolute importance for the continuation of human life, are frequently mentioned with their production models.

SİVAS (İGFA) – Visiting farmers and companies that contribute to agriculture and animal husbandry at every opportunity, The Governor of Sivas, Salih Ayhan, who listened to the demands, visited the honey companies operating in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Visiting the facilities of Avar Bal, Kır Bal and Zara Bal, Governor Ayhan received information about the companies’ honey process, import and export activities.

Stating that the beekeeping culture from the past in Sivas has reached a better point with increasing production amounts. Governor Salih Ayhan said that efforts will continue to support agriculture and animal husbandry. Stating that the potential of honey production continues to increase, Governor Ayhan noted that beekeeping is among the most important agricultural activities in Sivas.


Sivas’ ta-producing farmers and fish processing firms to thank the Governor Salih Ayhan due to the self-administration of the trial, “with the studies initiated in Tozanlı Valley, organic beekeeping in Sivas, the brand will be,” he said.

in terms of number of beekeeping business second in Turkey Sivas ranks fourth in honey production and ranks first in flower honey in our country.

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