September 27, 2023
SİİRT will improve cooperation with TSO and the university SİİRT will improve cooperation with TSO and the university

SİİRT will improve cooperation with TSO and the university

A meeting was held with Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) in Siirt University in order to strengthen the University-Industry cooperation.

SİİRT (İGFA) – Siirt University Rector Prof. Dr. The meeting chaired by Nihat Şındak, attended by the university senior management and Siirt TSO Deputy Chairman Fuat Özgür Çalapkulu, Siirt TSO Vice President Abdulkadir Demirhan and the management; It was carried out with the aim of increasing the efforts to solve the problems in the industry with the knowledge accumulated in universities, transforming knowledge into capital and thus taking an active role in development. At the meeting; Consultations were held on the problems experienced in our city, solutions to these problems and applicable projects.

Ensuring a transformation in our industry based on R&D and innovation with the meeting; more modern and manufacture of high power, universities and industry in order to achieve a competitive target Turkey emphasized the importance of coming together.

to a meeting room in our Senate; Siirt University Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat Şındak, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Erdemci and Prof. Dr. Tekin Şahin, Vice President of Siirt TSO Fuat Özgür Çalapkulu, Vice President of Siirt TSO Abdulkadir Demirhan, Advisor to Rector and Siirt TSO Consultant Dr. Lecturer Mahir Özhan, Engineering Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ender Sinan Poyrazoğlu, Deputy Secretary General Özer Fethi Çelepçıkay, Siirt TSO Secretary General Raşit Başar Taner, Siirt TSO Deputy Secretary General Derya Çengel Arpacı, Director of Public-University Industry Cooperation Research and Application Center Assoc. Dr. Fevzi Hansu, Director of El-Cezeri Cybernetics Laboratory Assoc. Dr. Musa Ataş, Our International Relations Office Coordinator Dr. Lecturer Sungur Gürel, Career Research Planning and Application Center (KAPUM) Manager Dr. Res. See. Khaled Kırıktaş, Project Management Office Coordination Branch Director Nurullah deer, Siirt TSO TOBB (Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union) Chairman of the Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Council Meltemi INCOME and Siirt TSO TOBB City Young Entrepreneurs joined Turhan Yafez Chairman

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