May 31, 2023
Siirt sang the ‘National Anthem’ Siirt sang the 'National Anthem'

Siirt sang the ‘National Anthem’

National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk, “Monday morning school you read the National Anthem at the garden” Turkey’s on call as in 81 provinces in Siirt also read the National Anthem at all schools.

Education Minister Ziya Selcuk Upon the call of Siirt Mehmetçik Primary School, the National Education Branch Director Mithat Saraçoğlu, Mehmetçik Primary School Director Mustafa Özkoyuncu, performed the Turkish National Anthem with the school staff when it showed 10.00 in the morning. Some students sang the Turkish National Anthem on EBA TV, while some citizens sang on the balconies of their homes.

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