December 6, 2023
Siirt Municipality establishes a band team Siirt Municipality establishes a band team

Siirt Municipality establishes a band team

Good news came in Siirt, home to many famous names with its historical past and where the first band was established with the initiatives of the late Rıfat Bakır in the 1930s.

SİİRT (İGFA) – {4 } With the initiatives of Siirt Governor and Deputy Mayor Osman Hacıbektaşoğlu, a band is established within Siirt Municipality.

Citizens expressing their satisfaction that the band will be established within Siirt Municipality, thanked Governor Hacıbektaşoğlu for listening to his longing. {2 }

Citizens, who noted that there was a city band made up of colorful personalities from different professions in Siirt before, reminded that the band team of Siirt Municipality and Garrison Command continued its existence until recently. Stating that the band team who came from the Eastern Barracks to the Atatürk Monument with the military anthem and planted the flag, toured the city and remembered the days when the people returned to the barracks with great applause, the citizens said, “Again at that time, the city band performed important anthems with the melodies of clarinet masters under the leadership of Rıfat Bakır. However, in time, the city band was abolished. There are still marching band teams within the municipalities of the nearby provinces. Siirt’s very rich culture should be kept alive through social and cultural activities. “

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