December 6, 2023
‘Sharp’ criticism of market chains 'Sharp' criticism of market chains

‘Sharp’ criticism of market chains

Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Board Member, Malatya Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Union (Mesob) President Shaukat Sharp, “spreading supermarket chains all over Turkey as octopus, small trades such as spreading cancer cells in the body and finishing craftsmen brought it to the point. Nobody should forget; If the street tradesmen lamp turns pales in light of the state. “

MALATYA (IGF A) – Mesob President Shaukat Sharp, unplanned of years the retail trade in Turkey, Law, said that the unregulated and uncontrolled execution brought. Keskin emphasized that shopping malls and supermarket chains, which take advantage of unfair competition and the legal gap, brought Anatolian artisans and craftsmen with small capital to the finish line, “A grocery chain should not experience the comfort of opening branches when it sees two grocery stores, a greengrocer, a butcher. The information that our government is working on the Draft Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade was disclosed to the public. We demand from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the regulations that will protect small tradesmen and craftsmen against shopping malls and chain markets are enacted and implemented as soon as possible. The same rules applied in the European Union should also be applied in Turkey. Shopping malls and large markets should remain closed from noon on Saturday to working hours on Monday. Our tradesmen will breathe with this practice. ”


Şevket Keskin; “A market chain should be opened in a province and district according to the density of the population. Mandatory zoning planning and project requirement should be imposed for markets. Markets should not affect city traffic. Markets that do not have a car park, fire evacuation exits, warehouse entrance and exit should not be allowed. Shopping malls should definitely be taken out of the city. Shopping malls and market chains, the 3-lettered ones, are of no use to the provinces they go to, they just leave their garbage to our provinces, they collect the money and do not contribute significantly to employment. Instead of spreading every supermarket chains in Turkey, such as octopus, small tradesmen and craftsmen were brought to the finishing point as spreading cancer cells in the body. Nobody should forget; If the lamp of the shopkeepers goes out in the street, their lamp stays off in the state. The situation is that serious. ”


President Keskin also noted that they wanted to allow stationery shopkeepers to be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays due to the opening of schools. You will close the tradesmen, you will sell the products sold by the tradesmen in shopping malls and markets. Such a thing cannot happen. The stationer cannot sell delicatessen, but the grocery stores sell stationery. The auto outfitter cannot open a food aisle, but car supplies are sold in the markets. In order for the tradesmen to survive, restrictions on sales to the markets should be introduced for some professional groups. ” said.

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