April 1, 2023
Season started at Ergan Mountain Ski Center Season started at Ergan Mountain Ski Center

Season started at Ergan Mountain Ski Center

After the effective snowfall in Erzincan, the season was opened at Ergan Mountain Ski Center.

After the snowfall effective in Erzincan, the season was opened in Ergan Mountain Ski Center. The ski season was opened at the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Center at an altitude of 2 thousand 970 in Erzincan, when the thickness of the snow reached sufficient level.

The Ergan Mountain Ski Center, established on the skirts of the Munzur Mountains, opened the ski season. }

15 kilometers to the length studies of the ski slopes at the exit 17 kilometers Turkey’s longest ski title having opened after ski season snowfall in the center.

in the foothills of Munzer Row Mountain, 2 thousand 970 meters Ergan Ski Center awaits ski lovers with its 17 km long track.

Ski Athletes: “In 2021, the ski season has started in Erzincan Ergan Mountain Ski Center. We are experiencing the joy of this with our national athletes from Erzincan. We will continue our ski training together with our fellow athletes ”,“ Ergan Mountain Ski Resort was opened in Erzincan in 2021. We have started our races now. We are doing our first training. I plan to get a good rank in the races. I wish success to all competitors from now on ”,“ We ​​are in Ergan Mountain. one of Turkey’s longest runway. We open the season with racing. I hope you have a good season. I wish success to all competitors ”,“ We ​​opened the season today. We said Bismillah. We came to the mountain in accordance with social distance rules. There is no corona risk. We compete while maintaining social distance. We’re slipping. It was good for us to open the first day of the season with a race. I hope Turkey’s longest Erkan mountain, one of the tracks we believe that we had a better season, “they said.

ERZİNCAN (IGF in) – Erkan Mountain Erzincan Governor participated in our inaugural season Ski Mehmet scissors, ‘Bismillah’, saying that recording had begun the season with provincial championship qualifying competitions, the ring of the runway voiced tomorrow will be opened.

describing Turkey said they expect Ergan to mainly Erzincanlılar are provided to comply with restrictions scissors, “Erkan Mountain, the 17 kilometer point and lift both runway length has an important place in Turkey. We will accept our guests by complying with weekend restrictions. ”

Erzincan Governor Mehmet Makas added that there was a 90 percent reduction in coronavirus cases. {2nd}

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