May 29, 2023
Schools are prepared for students in Pamukkale Schools are prepared for students in Pamukkale

Schools are prepared for students in Pamukkale

Pamukkale Municipality in Denizli disinfected the first secondary schools in the district before the 2020-2021 academic year, which will start on Monday, February 15.

DENİZLİ (İGFA) – Measures for the coronavirus outbreak. Pamukkale Municipality, which continues its disinfection processes in all areas of the district within the scope of the district, disinfected 30 primary and secondary schools in the district with the status of village schools. As of February 15, 2021, the Ministry of National Education has decided to provide face-to-face education 5 days a week in all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens of low-populated neighborhoods as well as all schools where unified classroom practice is applied. Pamukkale Municipality Health Affairs Directorate teams, who took action with this decision, carried out disinfection work in the schools where the education will start. Classrooms and administrative departments, as well as all common use areas of schools, were also disinfected and prepared in a healthy environment for students and educators. The teams will carry out disinfection works in the primary schools to be opened on March 1, 2021 and the schools where 8th and 12th grades will be educated.


Pamukkale Mayor Avni Örki stated that they have carried out a meticulous work since the first day of the pandemic process throughout the district and said, “Especially schools, parks, health centers, PTT branches, mosques, police and gendarmerie stations, dormitories and public buildings, We regularly disinfect workplaces. With our special teams, the common areas of the apartments of our citizens who have cases seen in the district are also disinfected. ”


The decision of the Ministry of National Education to start education in some schools on February 15. Stating that he has received it, Mayor Örki said, “Our teams determined the schools to be opened for education from the District Directorate of National Education and started studies in these schools. In this context, education will begin in 30 primary and secondary schools in our district. In these schools, especially classrooms, common areas, gardens, corridors and washbasins were disinfected by our municipality teams. In the first place, we completed disinfection works in our schools. Of course, our work is not over. As of 1 March 2021, our schools will open their doors to our children. He also said that we will disinfect all our schools in our district until March 1. ”

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