September 24, 2023
School good news to Malatya School good news to Malatya

School good news to Malatya

AK Party Central Decision Board Member and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık announced that 30 new schools will be built within the scope of efforts to strengthen the physical infrastructure of education in the city.

MALATYA (İGFA) – AK Party Malatya Deputy Çalık sweetly, Turkey’s largest investment is investment in human capital and trained people said that the power can be provided by the school. Çalık stated that, in terms of physical infrastructure, Malatya is one of the best provinces in the region in terms of physical infrastructure and that 30 new schools will be built.

Malatya 11 schools across the construction of the continuation of the work expresses Calik, the 5 realization of the school’s construction was tender and transfer that started to be constructed as soon as possible within 14 school.

in Turkey 18 years 336 thousand in Malatya Öznur Çalık noted that they built 5 thousand 35 new classrooms and said, “The Ministry of National Education allocated 68 million 500 thousand Turkish lira for basic education in the first place for this year.”

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