December 5, 2023
Rotary Service Awards found their owners in Bodrum Rotary Service Awards found their owners in Bodrum

Rotary Service Awards found their owners in Bodrum

Bodrum Rotary Club 2020-2021 Service Awards Prof. Dr. Özer Ozankaya, journalist Fatih Bozoğlu and Bodrum Dance Club President Fatih Özvezneci.

MUĞLA (İGFA) – The Individual and Corporate Vocational Service Awards, given traditionally every year by Bodrum Rotary Club, found. In order to encourage the best, the beauty and the right in business and professional life, he has achieved professional success by serving with sacrifice without breaking ethical values; or individuals who have achieved a special success in their profession by evaluating their contribution to the society and the environment they live in.


Bodrum Rotary Club Term President Dentist Dilek Taşkıran Fora stated that the job or profession mentioned in the Service Awards is not big or small. Emphasizing that one of the main objectives of Rotary is to appreciate the value of all jobs and professions beneficial to society, Fora said, “For this reason, the professional awards in Rotary are given to representatives of different jobs and professions from different segments of society. In this sense, a manager of a large organization, an important artist or a shoe master or a cook is no different from another, ”he said.


Bodrum Rotary Club Term President Dentist Dilek Taşkıran Fora, who made the opening speech of the meeting, also introduced the guests, “Among us We have valuable guests who have made great contributions to Bodrum and our country. The first of these is Prof. Ozer Ozankaya. He explains our great Ancestor to us and even to the whole world so well that your efforts and efforts are definitely worthy of much greater rewards. This award is just a tiny memory from us. ”Prof. Özer gave it to Ozankaya.

Prof. Özer Ozankaya stated that he asked him about why he might have deserved the award given to him by the Bodrum Rotary Club, as well as all the works he had done on behalf of his country until this age, and that it could be a book called Cumhuriyet Çınarı that he wrote: “Mustafa Kemal’s Cumhuriyet Çınarı is a book that explains his project that explains that the requirements of science and the requirements of democracy are the same. I am not limited to saying that I deserve this award because I spent my professional life with my efforts to explain Mustafa Kemal’s civilization project in the service of humanity… ”


Bodrum Rotary Secretary General Ayşe Mücella also read the résumé of another guest journalist Fatih Bozoğlu. President Wishes Taşkıran Fora, journalist Fatih thanked Bozoğlu to their contribution to Bodrum and Turkey.

Rotary’s more than 1 million members and is an important club organized all over the world save Fatih Bozoğlu, “This is the club When I researched what the ‘root out’ discourse means, I found that Rotary works for the benefit of humanity. In order to understand Rotary correctly, I tried to report the work done in detail. People are hostile to what they don’t know. I would like to receive this honorable award on behalf of local journalists working in Bodrum. The mainstream press does not know local people. We local journalists are together with the interlocutors of the news. Those of us who are face to face with people have to get out of the academic news writing system. We have to touch and protect local values ​​while writing our news. For this reason, local journalism is like the capillaries of both democracy and journalism. As my master Nezih Demirkent showed me while I was doing my profession, Anatolian journalism has always ranked first for me and I have always been proud to be a local journalist. Another master of mine is Can Pulak, who only writes for local newspapers without paying a penny ”.


Noting that he came to Bodrum in 1998 to start working at Private Bodrum Hospital, Dilek Taşkıran Fora, He also said that he played folk dances and that his paths crossed with Fatih Özvezneci on the same dates. Fatih Özvezneci noted that Bodrum Dance Club received the award on behalf of 122 volunteer employees and 8,640 members.

After the Individual and Corporate Vocational Service Awards ceremony, which has been given uninterruptedly since 1988, the term president Dentist Dilek Taşkıran Fora Bodrum Health Foundation presented a ceramic plaque made by disabled students.

Subsequently, new candidates for the Bodrum Rotary Club were introduced.

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