December 6, 2023
Restrictions increased cookie sales in Siirt Restrictions increased cookie sales in Siirt

Restrictions increased cookie sales in Siirt

In Siirt, citizens’ demand for dried nuts increased twice as a result of the restrictions imposed within the scope of the measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

Citizens of Siirt, who stayed at home in order to minimize the coronavirus epidemic, demanded dried nuts. Indicating that the sales increased two times, dried fruit seller Selami Özbilici said that they are satisfied with the sales due to the high demand of the citizens. Özbilic of, “We have because of the pandemic and cargo service to all parts of Turkey at the moment. In general, snacks are consumed while sitting at home and watching TV during the pandemic. Our cookies is fine, we continue to maintain our service quality cargo from all over Turkey Siirt. Due to the restrictions, all our citizens started to demand more cookies. This naturally contributed twice to our turnover and products ”.

Stating that citizens show high demand for dried nuts in the restrictions, business owner Ramazan Özbilici emphasized that the restrictions increased their consumption of nuts. Özbilici said, “Our sales have increased a lot this year due to the pandemic, thank God. Due to the low prices, there is demand from other provinces. Peanuts were sold for 90 liras last year, and now people are in high demand because we sell them for 70 liras. Our cookie sales increased due to restrictions. Our citizens are in high demand. We are very pleased with our sales, too, ”he said.

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