May 29, 2023
Ramadan abundance in e-commerce Ramadan abundance in e-commerce

Ramadan abundance in e-commerce

While the time restriction and curfew imposed after the measures taken within the scope of the pandemic changed both the number of sales in e-commerce and the time zone of the shopping, there was an increase in the sales of almost all product groups in Ramadan.

{4 } BURSA (İGFA) – Following the pandemic measures, most people took their time in e-commerce to do their shopping as the markets were closed early. The fact that even homeworkers could not find enough time to shop for food after the end of work increased this mobility even more. According to the data of Related Digital under the roof of Doğuş Group; While the most active e-commerce hours were 19: 00-22: 00, this time interval changed to 23: 00-04: 00 during Ramadan. E-commerce shopping, which was preferred for speed and convenience in previous years, has increased in the same period of this year as it was in Ramadan of 2020. The biggest share in the rise in e-commerce shopping belongs to mobile applications.

Stating that the pandemic increased the speed of digital transformation of companies by 6 times last year, Related Digital CEO Sedat Kılıç said, “Cargo and investments in the logistics sector increased. Along with all these, consumer habits have changed and the time we spend online has increased. In addition, the transition of small chain markets to home delivery service as well as large chain markets has increased the options of users in e-commerce. It is possible to say that the dynamism experienced in e-commerce during Ramadan reflected not only in one area but in almost all sectors. ”

Sedat Kılıç said that although women are generally thought to shop more on e-commerce sites, TURKSTAT According to the information technology data of 2020, while the purchasing rate of men is 7 percent higher than that of women, he explained, “In this period, the rate of shopping especially after evening hours and at night increased”.

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