September 27, 2023
Pruning work started in Mardin Pruning work started in Mardin

Pruning work started in Mardin

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality has started pruning the trees in the city’s parks, streets, middle medians and sidewalks.

MARDIN (IGFA) – Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control, more While continuing the planting of saplings with the projects developed for a green city, it started to care for the existing trees and bush group plants in order to protect them and pass them on to future generations. As in the spring months every year, the teams work in coordination with the DEDAŞ teams within the scope of rejuvenation and shape pruning works in the trees and bush group plants in the parks, gardens, streets, middle medians and sidewalks in their area of ​​responsibility. The teams, which take precautions against possible dangers by pruning the branches that touch the electrical wires and block the signaling lamps at the intersections and the view of MOBESE cameras, continue their work on Yeniyol Street and the 15th of July Democracy and Martyrs Park. {2nd}

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