December 5, 2023
Project to add energy to Mardin industry Project to add energy to Mardin industry

Project to add energy to Mardin industry

In order to increase the quality of energy supply and reduce the cost in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone, a 154 kV Downward Transformer Center investment is being made.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Mardin OSB Abdulnasır Duyan stated that as a result of the preparations that have been going on for more than 3 years, the tender for the investment of 34.5 million was completed.

Stating that the project is aimed to be completed within 1 year, Abdulnasır Duyan, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mardin OIZ, said, “With the project, It will be possible to purchase electricity directly from TEİAŞ with high capacity and 20 percent cheaper. With this opportunity, 142 factory investments, which are currently active in 217 industrial parcels, will be able to access cheaper electricity under more favorable conditions. In addition, new investments that could not be realized due to insufficient current electricity infrastructure will gain momentum. In this respect, with the activation of the 75 industrial investments in the existing OIZ area and the former Free Zone area that joined the OIZ, a total of 138 new industrial investments, including 63 industrial investments, will be paved. Mardin OSB will be able to reach 275 factories in total. Mardin OIZ, which could not even respond to the additional electricity demands of existing factories for a long time, will have solved the electricity problem indefinitely with its own resources. “Mardin OIZ is currently paying an average monthly electricity bill of 10 million TL and an annual electricity bill of 120 million TL. With the commissioning of this investment, 20 percent cheaper electricity will be created. In this way, in the first place, an average of 24 million TL will be saved in electricity costs and at least 40 million TL will be saved annually with new industrial investments. explained that once the investment is completed, 25 million TL included in the connection contract will be deducted from the electricity purchased from TEİAŞ, and the investment will cost Mardin OSB 9.5 million TL.

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