May 31, 2023
Project rain from Bitlis Eren University Project rain from Bitlis Eren University

Project rain from Bitlis Eren University

Bitlis Eren University (BEÜ) Rector Prof. Dr. Stating that Erdal Necip Yardım was one of the universities least affected by the pandemic process, he introduced the projects they have realized and will do.

Expressed that they benefit from the advantages of having the infrastructure of distance education ready before the pandemic. Bitlis Eren University Rector Prof. Dr. Reminding that there were Distance Education Centers before the coronavirus pandemic, Rector Yardım said, “Before the pandemic process, the YÖK Digital Transformation Project was included in the Digital Literacy Project for our students. We tried to give them an important knowledge by giving the lesson. For the lecturers, we have taught Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in the Digital Age and awarded it with a certificate. Thus, an important infrastructure was formed for both our students and our teaching staff. ”

Rector Aid, adding that they experienced an increase in the number of academicians and students,“ This situation developed independently from the pandemic. As a university that adopts the principle of recruiting according to our needs, we have come a long way. We make a great effort to develop our university. In the last two years, we activated the Faculty of Fine Arts and enrolled students in three departments. In this context, we accepted students for the first time in the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Radio Television and Cinema and Painting departments. While there are only students in the History and Turkish Language Departments in the Faculty of Science and Letters, we have accepted students for the first time in the departments of Western Languages ​​and Literature, Sociology and Mathematics in addition to these departments. The independent doctoral program of the department of history was also opened in 2020 and received students. TUBITAK Science Faculty of Archeology and History sections of the Year 2020 by the Space Based Competency Analysis of data taking place far above the average of Turkey’s universities has scored a great success. There was a great increase in the number of students of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences during this period. ”


Rector of Bitlis Eren University (BEÜ) Help, Stating that Eren family, one of the businessmen from Bitlis, made great contributions to education and the university, said, “While there are four departments in Tatvan Vocational School, there are currently nine departments and all departments are full. An increase has also been achieved in Health Services Vocational School, Social Sciences Vocational School, Technical Sciences Vocational School. We opened Güroymak Vocational School for the first time in this period and started to receive students. There was a decrease in the number of students in some departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. With the joint work we have done with Eren Holding, scholarships have been given to those who prefer these departments, and this situation has been largely compensated. I would like to thank Eren Holding in the person of Ahmet Eren. ”


Rector Prof. Dr. Adding to his words that Bitlis is a very rich province in terms of tourism potential, Erdal Necip Yardım stated that they are trying to contribute in many areas as a university, “It is difficult to say that Bitlis is well known. In order to compensate for this situation, we tried to carry out promotional activities through various publications. It has come to the final stage of a project called Bitlis Tarihi by the Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of History. We will meet with its readers in the first months of 2021 and for the first time we will make our Bitlis more recognizable through such a comprehensive scientific work. ”


Rector Assistance, very important projects Mentioning that they started new projects as well as they brought them to life, “We brought Bitlis Eren University Academic Units Complex to Bitlis, which was completed in 2019 and provisionally accepted. One of our important projects is the university nursery. The kindergarten, which has a closed area of ​​approximately 2 thousand square meters in total, has 9 classrooms, 3 sleeping rooms and 2 science-art rooms. Senate Hall was renewed with the aim of being the most modern meeting room in Bitlis. The campus area has been made more sheltered by solving the problem of the wall that has not been solved for years. In this way, the protection of the planting made 40 thousand trees wooded area in the campus area will become easier, “he said.


projects of the pandemic period Rector Yardım, who stated that they are not obstacles but trying to change the image of the university by producing projects on the contrary, listed their most important projects as follows: “One of our most important projects is the Technology Development Center (TEK-MER) to be established within our university. We believe that the project, which we believe will be implemented in a short time, will improve our university. Another project of ours is the International Library of Seljuk and Ottoman Studies to be built in Rahva Caravanserai. A ski facility will be built in the campus area with the contributions of Eren Holding. “

Rector Yardım stated that they continue to work and new proposals for the university to provide higher quality education and become a brand.

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