September 27, 2023
Productivity success from Aksaray University Productivity success from Aksaray University

Productivity success from Aksaray University

Aksaray University (AU), productivity and academic in publications in top positions leaving behind their opponents found a place for itself.

Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) has released the Turkey Science Report. In the report prepared, Aksaray University (ASU) is among the second group universities in terms of having “Superstar Researchers”, while it is among the peer universities in terms of academic efficiency and researchers’ publication rates, leaving behind many well-established universities.

In the report, higher education policy of due diligence to determine correctly done in a multidimensional way, the development of scientific capacity, to improve the qualifications of scientists, focusing on the issues of improving the position of Turkey in the international academic arena, and to accurately detect and problems in order to secure them The importance of creating accurate road maps is emphasized. Rich academic publishing data using the universities in Turkey and at work, where detailed analysis of academics, researchers, which broadcasts in the best journals of the field “Superstar researchers” are called.

to according to Turkey Science Report, Superstar attention in that direction with Researchers has a success. At this point, ASU is among the second group of universities. On the other hand, it is in the upper ranks among its peers with 31.4 percent in Academic Productivity and Researchers’ Publishing Rate on the Basis of Universities.

The report also includes comprehensive evaluations and solution proposals regarding issues under different headings.

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