December 6, 2023


Iyi Party district chairman, İsmail Kaya, criticized the swimming pool projects carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in the districts.

Iyi Party district chairman İsmail Kaya, Ministry of Youth and Sports, started the ”Let No Swimming Stay” project. As far as we understand, no one thought of the exclusive “INdoor” SWIMMING POOL in our district, in the statement that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur AKTAŞ supported and stated that he had a portable swimming pool installed in our district. In fact, the late Turgut ÜNLÜ did not lay the foundation, we do not know what their problem is. They swore to leave it CLOSED. Orhangazi Mayor Bekir Aydın and his photography staff said, “Did you not dare to step across and show the INDOOR SWIMMING POOL while taking full-length photos in the Amphitheater area?” İsmail Kaya continued his statement as follows; What is the cost of a PORTABLE swimming pool that will serve for 50 days between July 5 and August 25? Why don’t you think of ending these costs by using them in the CLOSED swimming pool. Now you throw a confusion of authority, let them out, it’s all the money of this state, this nation. You are giving a protocol photo of big men gathered by the pool. Alinur Aktaş happily throws children into the water, in fact, she is not even aware that she is throwing the money into the water. He also makes a statement; “We will bring a new pool to the Orhangazi district too” Oh, let’s call it OPEN SWIMMING POOL. I think we will wait for SPOR TOTO to finish the pool, which turns into a snake story. If 300 thousand comes every year, I wonder how many years it will end. Promises are flying in the air Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş; He said “Orhangazi beach will be a center of attraction”, “Alis Park will be brought back to Orhangazi” and it made us smile. No, who owns the ŞEHİT ERHAN ÖZTÜRK park, Is Orhangazi beach longing for a paving stone? Open the official website of Orhangazi Municipality and take a look at the photos in our projects section. Alinur AKTAŞ. Where is half of the Cultural Center? You are holding an opening ceremony because we trimmed the 20-30 million investment from the Cultural Center project and invested 9 million on the Orhangazi coast. Has the Coastal Band Urban Design Implementation and Landscaping project been completed as in the tender conditions, did you receive the project delivery and you opened it. Or will you do another opening when it’s over? Not bad, the beach will see a cleaning again. We are waiting for you every week, Mr. Alinur Aktaş.


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