December 5, 2023
Ponds froze in Sivas Gürün Ponds froze in Sivas Gürün

Ponds froze in Sivas Gürün

In the Gürün district of Sivas, while the summer weather was experienced during the day, the ponds in the region became frozen due to the cold at night. Citizens took photographs on the pond for ice capping for testing.

Despite being in January in Sivas, where the winter months are difficult, the air temperatures reach 5 degrees during the day. In Sarıca and İncesu villages of Gürün, while summer weather is experienced during the day, it shows minus 10 degrees at night. The pond, located in the old chrome mine field near the Sarica Village, was covered with ice due to the cold air at night. With the closure of the mine, an ice layer of approximately 10 centimeters was formed in the pond. Citizens in the region tested whether they were broken by throwing stones on the pond. One of the citizens took a photo by climbing on the ice holding pond. {2nd}

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