May 31, 2023

Payment of 75 million lira to producers from Marmarabirlik

Purchasing 39 thousand tons of products in the 2020/2021 product purchase campaign, Marmarabirlik will make a payment of 75 million TL on Wednesday, March 10.

BURSA (İGFA) – 2020/2021 product purchase Having purchased 332 million TL worth of products in its campaign, Marmarabirlik will have paid the entire remaining product costs, including the excess product quota outside the purchase plan.

Payments to be made on March 17 within the payment plan will be made on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, due to the financial possibilities of the Union, and partners will be able to receive product prices from Ziraat Bank ATMs as of 18.00.

{1 } Chairman of the Board of Directors Hidamet Asa stated that the producers will receive a product price of 75 million TL.

Chairman Asa stated that after the payment, the company will complete the debt of the institution to the partners.

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