May 31, 2023
Payment of 69 million lira to producers from Marmarabirlik Payment of 69 million lira to producers from Marmarabirlik

Payment of 69 million lira to producers from Marmarabirlik

In Marmarabirlik, whose product purchase campaign for the 2020/2021 business year ended on January 10, 50 percent of the product prices delivered by the partners were paid in advance. 50 percent of the remaining receivables will be paid 69 million TL on January 15.

Bursa (İGFA) – 39 thousand tons and 332 million tons from the partners in the 2020/2021 product purchase campaign in Marmarabirlik. The product was purchased in the amount of TL.

The payments planned to be made on January 29 in Marmarabirlik will be made tomorrow due to the positive development in the Union’s cash flow and 69 million TL will be paid for 50% of the product costs. Our producers will be able to receive their money from Ziraat Bank ATMs starting from 18:00 tomorrow. 78 million TL, which is all of the remaining common debts, together with the excess product prices taken between 18-23 grains, will be paid on March 17th. If the Union’s cash flow allows, the payments will be brought forward.

Stating that the producer has not been victimized until today, Hidamet Asa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “When there is a positive development in the financial opportunities of the Union, product prices are not delayed even for 1 day. Due to the positive development in cash flow, the payment we will make on January 29 has been brought forward. ”

Stating that climate change has negatively affected production in recent years, Asa said,“ Long-term rains in spring, hail rain and harvest period Olive production was also negatively affected by the drought. National Olive and Olive Oil Council (UZZK) Turkey losses in the amount of 145 thousand tons of grain According to the report, the amount of loss is 35 thousand 562 tons of olive oil compared to last year. Production in the Marmarabirlik operating region was below the harvest estimates. Due to heavy hail in our neighborhoods 10 in Mudanya and 8 in Gemlik, thousands of tons of olives have turned into oil fields. Although 75 thousand tons of harvest declaration was received before the product purchase campaign, it was understood that this amount was not when the harvest period ended. ”

With the end of the product purchases, President Asa, pesticide and Marmarabirlik brand for tree care to prepare for the new season. He added that preparations for KopOrganic fertilizer have started.

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