April 2, 2023
Parents do not want face-to-face exams in Kocaeli Parents do not want face-to-face exams in Kocaeli

Parents do not want face-to-face exams in Kocaeli

Veli-Der, who conducted a questionnaire for parents in distance education, stated that the exams decided to be held face to face should definitely be canceled.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Veli-Der shared the results of their survey. Kocaeli Branch President Göksal Yılmaz recently received parents’ views within the scope of distance education. Stating that distance education is not well equipped, 91.5 percent of the parents stated that face-to-face education and exam will increase the risk of epidemics. Parents, taken this decision he said should be canceled immediately.

providing information on the subject of the Parent-Der Istanbul Branch President Göksal Yilmaz, Student Parent Association (Parent-Der), as 21 to 24 February 2021 all on Turkey According to the survey, 2 thousand 449 high school students’ parents were asked 4 questions in the online questionnaire. 70.7 percent of children Anatolian High School, 9.5 percent Science High School, 4.9 percent Multi-Program Anatolian High School, 2.9 percent Imam Hatip High School, 9.5 percent Vocational and Technical Anatolia He said that 2 percent of her high school continued their education process in Social Sciences High School and 0.5 percent in other types of high schools.

Yilmaz shared the details of the questionnaire and the parents asked whether he wanted his students to take the face-to-face exam. According to the results of the survey, which revealed that 91.5 percent of the students did not want to take the face-to-face exams, when asked why their students did not want to take the face-to-face exam, 13.4 percent of the parents ‘could not attend distance education’, 62.4 percent of the parents He shared that he could not learn the subjects effectively in education. In the survey results, 81 percent answered as ‘I find it objectionable to be in a closed area with the crowded group because of the COVID-19 outbreak.’


Other On the other hand, the parents stated that 62.4 percent of the students could not learn the subjects in distance education effectively, and that the exams should be canceled, not postponed. Veli-Der Kocaeli Branch President Göksal Yılmaz stated that taking the exams will increase the inequality and the risk of disease in the epidemic and said, “The scores of all our disadvantaged children, especially our children who are forced to work in different jobs during the epidemic, who can not access distance education only on television, will have their high school success points, so their whole future will affect. The Ministry of National Education should not make a decision despite us, parents and our children. The exams should be canceled as soon as possible. ”

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