May 29, 2023
Paragliding with winter view in Ergan Paragliding with winter view in Ergan

Paragliding with winter view in Ergan

Erkan Mountain in Erzincan in Turkey’s leading winter tourism centers Winter Sports and Nature Tourism Center, the facility, as well as paragliding, skiing guests also provides.

ERZİNCAN (IGF A) – Erkan Mountain Winter Sports winter tourism centers of Turkey’s leading tourism and Nature Center, as well as the possibility of paragliding, skiing also allows guests. Ergan Mountain, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, offers its visitors the opportunity to ski on a 17-kilometer uninterrupted track with its natural beauties.
Athletes with special permits and tourists who are in the city for skiing within the framework of pandemic rules can ski at the weekend as well as paragliding.
The paragliding athletes who climb the hill at an altitude of 2,700 meters with the covered gondolas in the ski center enjoy flying against the view of Erzincan in the cold weather reaching minus 10 degrees. Paragliding pilots both ski and enjoy the view by flying paragliding on days when the weather conditions are suitable. Stating that paragliding sport is not only done in summer, the athletes invited the nature sports enthusiasts by stating that Ergan Mountain is suitable for paragliding in winter.

Paragliding Athlete Emre Aktepe stated that paragliding is not only a summer sport, “ We can do it very well in Ergan Mountain in winter. The weather is perfect today. There are people from Erzincan and from outside of the city. There are tourists. We are waiting for everyone to Erzincan, Ergan Mountain. ”

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