September 27, 2023
Pandemic setting for Candied Chestnut Prices! Pandemic setting for Candied Chestnut Prices!

Pandemic setting for Candied Chestnut Prices!

Among those who were adversely affected by the effects of the pandemic, chestnut sugar producers in Bursa took the top place. Stating that their sales decreased and input costs increased excessively, chestnut sugar producers announced that they had to make a price update.

BURSA (İGFA) – The price of sugar chestnuts, which are raw materials, which was 18 lira last year, was 28 this year. Expressing that they increased to lira, chestnut sugar producers stated that their packaging costs increased by around 50 percent.

Producers stated that the minimum wage for 2021 is approaching 4 thousand lira gross, and that the cost of one worker with the minimum wage exceeded 5 thousand lira for the employer with the additions such as compensation, food and transportation, “Our natural gas, electricity and fuel costs have increased. It was inevitable for us to update the prices of our products together with all these. ”

İlka Confectionery General Manager Mümin Akgün, one of the important chestnut sugar producers in Bursa, said that the sector had a difficult year and the epidemic process was seen in Bursa in the first two months. reminded that all chestnut sugar producers suspended production for 2 months. Akgün stated that the interruption of production and changes in working conditions negatively affected chestnut sugar production and significantly reduced the profit margin of the sector. Kestat Kestane Sugar Company Marketing Manager İrfan Aydın stated that the packaging costs, which are an important input, have also increased excessively and Aydın said, “Unfortunately, we have to reflect the increase in our raw material, labor and packaging costs to our chestnut sugar prices”.

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