December 5, 2023
Our love for Bursaspor is indescribable (Exclusive Interview) Our love for Bursaspor is indescribable (Exclusive Interview)

Our love for Bursaspor is indescribable (Exclusive Interview)

Fevzinur Dündar, who came to Bursa with his father’s immigration in 1989 with his own words, met the stands in 1990, and after that day, the love of Bursaspor embraces all of himself. We made a very special and striking interview with Dündar, who has been supporting Bursaspor for more than 30 years and always striving for the better.

Sevinç ÇELEBİ (bshabers)

{ 3} Let’s get to know you from you… Who is Fevzinur Dündar?

Fevzinur Dündar was born in Erzurum Olur. We migrated to Bursa in 1989. I met with Bursaspor tribunes in 1990 and started to go away in 1992. In 1993-1994, on behalf of the Fans Association of Bursaspor, I published the “Timsah in the Tribune” magazine together with Mutlu Çınar, in the time of the late Mesut Ağrak, the Chairman of the Fans Association, and then again with Mutlu Çınar and Recep Günay our brother, the Bursa Actual Magazine. In addition, I am the founder of Bursaspor’s Tradesmen Association and a lover of Bursa and Bursaspor, dealing with canteen, real estate and professional management.
So that; I went to the first court in my life for Bursa. I slept for Bursaspor for the first time in my life.


You have a lot of work and qualifications, but I think sports enthusiasts all coming in the iron?

Right! Like I just said. First of all, I am a Bursaspor lover, someone who respects and loves Bursaspor coat of arms. Not in words! I am devoted wholeheartedly to their green-white colors. And I am a person who went to Diyarbakır for Bursaspor. Only those who carry the passion of Bursaspor know this feeling, and like all Bursaspor people, the love inside me cannot be described. The heart wants that; Everyone living in Bursa should be from Bursaspor! For this reason, even in our canteen business, I was giving ayran free to the students who came with Bursaspor uniforms, thinking that maybe other children would be in love with Bursaspor.


Because when I looked, I saw that all the children from the mountain region of Bursa who came to the school where we run a canteen were hiring other teams and they did not know their love for Bursaspor. For this reason, I wanted to do something to raise their awareness, even a little bit, and I worked on this issue. Sometimes I gave buttermilk for free, sometimes I got it in form, I took it to the match. We printed calendars and distributed them to the villages together with the flags. It was difficult to see the flags of other teams flying right and left in the villages I went to because I was a real estate agent…. Since I could not digest this situation, I tried to instill the passion of Bursaspor by distributing calendar and flags as much as we could.


What I see in the community is very lacking, that we do not have in other clubs but we do not have it, nothing should be done even though we told the Bursaspor Administration to remedy the deficiencies, everyone in Bursaspor did not even move their hair with an excuse. forced. This misrecognition of the Bursaspor supporters completely consolidated the decision to establish an association.
For example; Many people regard Bursaspor fans as people who go to the game for free, are unemployed, wandering around and looking for a place to benefit. On the other hand, we established the tradesmen association of Bursaspor in order to show that Bursaspor supporters do not consist of such people and that the love of Bursaspor is also among the people who have a job. And so we have achieved a first in Turkey. Because neither Turkey, nor does any other team consisting of associations of trades anywhere in the world. We received thanks and congratulations from many people for this. I became a member of the Bursaspor Congress after the Presidency of the Association, and when I gained power over time, I caused three or five presidents in Bursa to become presidential candidates. Thank God I came to that power and entered Bursaspor’s Management community from the Bursaspor community.


How do you evaluate the club management? { 4}

Because the policy of rescuing the every day has made gestures of looking cute to the community! And as it was yesterday, it is very painful today that there is not a single professional manager in the club with a real managerial qualification! Although we are a team of a huge city, we are in a debt trap! Where the results of the players they bought will go, how the costs will be paid, instead of being managed with a sense of responsibility due to the love of Club Bursaspor, this is the case because it is managed with the logic of “But never mind, I will sign it, I am out after a year anyway”.Let’s remember the year when Bursaspor was relegated for the first time; He had gotten an advertisement from BESAŞ and I said “Bursaspor will be relegated this year”. It also appeared in the press. The date I made this sentence is December 4, 2003 and Bursaspor fell into relegation in Sakarya on May 16th. If BESAŞ is profitable in Bursa, I think it should give cheaper bread to the poor. If he is rich and supports Bursaspor… There is a mistake there. This mistake was going to come out of nowhere and it did. Bursaspor is relegated! For this reason, I am against the municipalities’ support for Bursaspor even now. Other than us, which big team has to do with municipalities? Besides, the reason for our relegation is the municipality and politics. Everybody do their job! If the municipalities want to support them, they should go and buy a lodge or ticket from the stadium. If they want to give it as a gift, they should, but they should not interfere with Bursaspor’s internal relationship with the management style. Because they got involved in these situations!

They call Bursa a city of sports…

How can a city without even one stadium become a sports city? Even your championship stadium has disappeared… They have built a never-ending stadium outside of the city for years! We say there is no money in Bursaspor! However, we have not been renting out 40 shops under the stadium for 6 years. Why is that!? So Bursaspor cannot be managed well. The municipality is a burden on Bursaspor! Because these shops cannot be rented because of the municipality. However, from the rent of 40 shops, at least the cost to cover the expenses of the club will be obtained. Despite this, you say that there is no money, you have no income, and you do not rent places that will bring rent like rich people and keep them empty… There is no such logic!

Bursaspor view of Bursa citizens how do you think the angle?

There is one more sad truth that unfortunately it is this issue. Bursaspor’s point of view of Bursa residents is zero. Because they have always been deceived, and put up for fools! If you do a survey, Bursaspor and the people of Bursa will be in the first place among the most deceived communities. Then say “Bursa Sports City”! God will ask whoever damaged Bursaspor as much as a needle tip. I personally do not halal my right. I do not think that a great president with a vision will come after this time, and even if he does, he cannot do anything. Therefore, after this, Bursaspor community will say: “Our situation is clear, let’s save our club first, aside from the championship or something”. For this too; First a team must be formed, former Bursaspor football players and some notable presidents must come together and give them the right to speak. In the past, as in the period of Faruk Çelik, half of Bursaspor’s debts would be paid if 22 businessmen who had the right to speak and who were loved in the Bursa community came together. After half of it is paid, a payment plan is drawn up and the remaining debt is paid by standing up, and after that, we are looked forward to much more clearly, it becomes debt-free as in 1996, befitting the name of Bursaspor. Then the name Atatürk of our stadium should come back. Sorry, but as far as I can see, the people of Bursa in Bursa do not support Bursaspor. First of all, the people of Bursa should support Bursaspor. I hope this year, Bursaspor can participate in the Super League. It is not too late yet!


Finally, what would you like to say? {5 }

I especially want to address our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Mr. President; Unfortunately, the reason for Bursaspor to be relegated is the AK Party. They were the politicians of the AK Party at that time and the mayors who were under your directive at that time. Our request from you; Just as we, as the Metropolitan and Bursaspor community, supported the AK Party, you support Bursaspor, take care of Bursaspor’s debts so that Bursaspor will come back to the place it deserves. They offended half of the city from the wrong AK Party policy applied in Bursaspor. Thanks to the advantages of Faruk Çelik, there is no grudge against the AK Party Community at the moment. It was also a mistake for the AK Party to open the stadium. They offended people and the community with this behavior. Because in this stadium and matches, not only AK Party members, but also CHP, MHP, SAADET and many other parties and those who do not support a party come. This error should be compensated please help! Since Bursa is indeed a city of sports and we, as the Metropolitan, cause the AK Party to swell its chest and wave its flag here, they also make our Bursaspor flag 1.

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