September 25, 2023
Osman Boybeyi: “Leave Memur-Sen, look at Kamu-Sen” Osman Boybeyi: "Leave Memur-Sen, look at Kamu-Sen"

Osman Boybeyi: “Leave Memur-Sen, look at Kamu-Sen”

Officer-stating You can not protect the rights of civil servants Kamu-Sen Kilis Mayor Osman Boybeyi, everyone was invited to the meeting under the roof of their union

KİLİS (IGF A) – Turkey Kamu-Sen Kilis Provincial Mayor Osman Boybeyi announced that the January salary increase for civil servants in January 2021 increased by 7.36 percent, together with the inflation difference, with the 2020 inflation announced as 14.60 percent according to TURKSTAT data.

Boybeyi said, “Many products have increased at least half compared to last year, but civil servants received a low salary increase, showing that civil servant salaries have melted in the face of inflation.”

Public-Sen Kilis Provincial President Osman Boybeyi, who claimed that the authorized union Memur Sen did not defend the rights of the civil servant enough, said “Officer Sen is like a cat that spilled milk before the government. Due to this union, which obeys the government under all circumstances and acts as the representative of the government instead of defending the rights of civil servants, the situation of civil servants in our country is getting worse every day. For some, Memur Sen has turned into a “Satisfied Şen” union. Officers, as the only man capable of defending trade union rights with the national and local public stance You must be united under the umbrella of Turkey, “he said.

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