December 5, 2023
Ordu’s magnificent trio has been determined Ordu's magnificent trio has been determined

Ordu’s magnificent trio has been determined

exported from Turkey that produces a third of the $ 3 billion nuts Army moves to raise $ 280 million with exports of $ 1 billion, aims to increase added value. Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman Servet Sahin, announced that the products they refer to as awesome threesome.

ARMY (IGF A) – published video platform each week, ‘Economy of Turkey Speaks’ program to the ongoing Association of Economic Journalists’ (EGD), this time the agenda was Ordu, the ‘honey city’ of the Black Sea. Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO), who was the guest of the program moderated by EGD President Celal Toprak and EGD Board Member Mehmet Uluğtürkan, answered the questions of economy journalists.


from agriculture Army tourism, so in many areas of the industry from livestock could provide more value to Turkey’s economy, in the first place when the exports from the city first, in the medium term $ 5 billion increase could be indicating Army Head TSO Falcon, “about 45 provinces in the Army We expect the completion of the ‘Black Sea-Mediterranean Road’ project that will enable its exit. In addition, we expect a container port that will increase the foreign trade of both Ordu and our cities that will be connected to the Black Sea with a road project. The closest port is at Unye, 85 kilometers away from us. “A port to be built near Ordu-Giresun Airport will contribute to the development of our foreign trade with many countries, especially the Black Sea countries.” To provide access to the Caucasus Samsun, Ordu and Giresun steep Railway Sahin also said that they want to include, “When Black Sea-Mediterranean Road and port Ordu, Turkey will be one of the most important logistics centers. This will color the production pattern of our city. On the other hand, we will rise to the level we deserve in exports with the magnificent trio of hazelnut, honey and kiwi. ”


Stating that they are working within the framework of increasing the power of the Army in hazelnuts, Şahin said. “With an EU project, we established a chocolate workshop within our room and put it into operation. We wanted it to set an example for entrepreneurs. We desire to combine the hazelnuts we sell for 30 liras with the delicious milk of our highlands and sell them as chocolate for 150 liras. ”


Another value that comes after hazelnuts in Ordu is honey. Sahin pointed out, “16 percent of Turkey’s honey production is provided by the Army. We are the first in this area. However, the income we desire cannot be obtained due to the inability to create a brand in this area and to lack of control. While we have an export potential of 500 million dollars from honey and bee products, we are staying at 15 million dollars due to these problems. ”


Attention to the increase in kiwi cultivation in the city in recent years. Army attracting TSO President Servet Sahin, “Turkey are producing 12 percent of kiwi production. However, we do not have facilities to process this product. I call on investors who want to produce kiwi juice in Ordu through you. Come, set up a kiwi juice factory in Ordu, ”he called out. Stating that within the framework of strengthening production in the city, they have brought the biggest industrial vocational high school of the Black Sea with 52 classrooms and 40 workshops to Ordu with the cooperation of TOBB and the Ministry of National Education, and said that those who are trained in this school with a closed area of ​​24 thousand square meters will be qualified personnel to work in the production facilities of the region. 2}

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