September 27, 2023

Online education that removes the barriers at the Music Academy in Bursa

The Music Academy, which operates within the Yıldırım Municipality’s Barrier-Free Life School, continues its education online in order to contribute to the disabled and disadvantaged individuals taking a more active role in social life.

BURSA (İGFA) – To life Yıldırım Municipality, which left its mark on the lives of thousands of young people and disabled people with its projects, gives lessons such as guitar, baglama, piano, violin, zither, clarinet, rhythm, folk dances, ney, theater, and vocal training at the Music Academy. In the trainings, it is aimed to ensure that disabled individuals receive therapy with music, integrate into social life, gain self-confidence and be happy by playing a guiding role in their career choices in the music industry. Yıldırım Municipality also aims to bring novel students, who are among the disadvantaged groups, to life, to keep them away from bad habits and to direct them to education in line with their abilities.


Music Academy Underlining that individuals who graduated from Istanbul have come to good places, Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz said, “We see the achievements of the Music Academy in a concrete way. Many of our students won the conservatory departments of various universities. This situation is both happy and promising for us. ”

Noting that the trainings continue online in order to prevent students from falling behind during the epidemic, Yılmaz stated that they also provide musical instruments to students who do not have musical instruments at home by providing them with musical instruments. { 2}

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