September 27, 2023
Olympic athletes are trained in skiing in Sivas Olympic athletes are trained in skiing in Sivas

Olympic athletes are trained in skiing in Sivas

located in Turkey Ski Federation’s program of activities and held with 240 athletes Turkey’s accession Alpine Qualifying Competitions in eyes filled Sivas Regional Ski Team.

SÝVAS (IGF A) – Sivas The students who participated in training within the scope of the “Olympic Athlete Training Project in Skiing Sports” conducted by the Directorate of National Education achieved significant success. Students, who received training from expert trainers at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center and Ski Simulation Center, became a source of pride in the competitions they participated in for the first time with the “Olympic Athlete Training in Skiing Project” implemented within the scope of the “Change Transformation Movement in Education Towards 2023” and ongoing for 2 years.

For U 12 women, Melisa Şimşek 2nd (2nd Day 2nd), Cansu Güler 4th (2nd Day 4th), Tuana Ecrin Ünal 5th (2nd Day 7th), Elvin Yuvacı placed 7th (2nd day 6th). If U is 12 for men; Kerim Adıslı came 6th, Ozan Efe Özgür 7th (2nd Day 7th), Necdet Furkan Doğan 13th (2nd Day 13th), Yusuf Eren Çınar 8th.

Out of 8 athletes who participated in the competitions for the first time within the scope of the Olympic Sportsman Training Project in the Ski Branch, 4 of them were entitled to participate in the ski leagues. Congratulating the students after the competition, Provincial Director of National Education Ebubekir Sıddık Savaşcı said, “We congratulate our students and our teachers and trainers who have contributed to the success they have achieved.” said.

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