September 27, 2023
OIZ Enterprising Committee convened in Mardin OIZ Enterprising Committee convened in Mardin

OIZ Enterprising Committee convened in Mardin

Mardin 1st Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) Entrepreneur Committee meeting was chaired by Governor Mahmut Demirtaş.

MARDIN (IGFA) – Organized Industrial Zone Meeting chaired by Mardin Governor Mahmut Demirtaş. OIZ Deputy Chairman Abdulnasır Duyan and entrepreneur delegation members also attended the meeting held at the Hall. At the meeting where the latest situation of the OIZ, employment issues and new investment demands were discussed, Governor Demirtaş said that the increase in exports despite the pandemic process was pleasing. Noting that domestic and foreign investors have intense demands for Mardin, Governor Demirtaş said, “Mardin is a city that is a favorite of investors due to its location. Our industrialists continue their production uninterruptedly despite the COVID-19 epidemic. I believe that our Organized Industrial Zone, which ranks first in flour exports in 2020, will continue to be in the first place by increasing flour exports in 2021. Employment is one of the most important issues for us. We will continue to support every domestic and foreign investor who wants to invest in our city. We are continuing our efforts to establish new Industrial Zones in order to prevent unemployment from being a problem in Mardin. “

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