December 6, 2023
No new applications will be received in the Short Work Allowance No new applications will be received in the Short Work Allowance

No new applications will be received in the Short Work Allowance

Short Work Allowance, which is a lifeline to employers during the pandemic process, will be extended for 3 months, while only those who previously benefited from the application will be able to benefit.

ISTANBUL (İGFA) – Short Work Allowance for the last time at the end of last year. It was extended for 3 months and the deadline was set as March 31, 2021. After the end of the implementation on March 31, many sectors demanded the Short Work Allowance to be extended again due to the pandemic and restrictions. This call was answered by the President’s decision published last week. Short Work Allowance has been extended for 3 more months to cover the months of April, May and June.


Short Work Allowance applications were last made on January 31, 2021. . There are no new applications after this date. Only those who have already applied will be able to benefit from this extension, and a new application will not be accepted. For companies benefiting from Short Work Allowance in March, the application will be automatically processed by İŞKUR. Companies that previously benefited from Short Work Allowance but did not receive this support in March will need to notify İŞKUR.

In addition, the list of employees who previously benefited from Short Work Allowance may change. Firms will be able to fill in the “rate priority” and send an e-mail to İŞKUR. Employees who have not previously benefited from the Short Work Allowance will not be included in the new list.


With this extension, no explanation has been made yet about when the payments will be made, but During periods, payments were deposited directly into employees’ accounts on the fifth of each month. Employees who did not have IBAN information at İŞKUR could receive their payments through PTT Bank. If there is no change in this matter, payments will be made on the fifth of each month in the next three months.

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