April 2, 2023
New title ceremony for academics in Aksaray New title ceremony for academics in Aksaray

New title ceremony for academics in Aksaray

In the last year at Aksaray University (ASU), a “Gown Dressing Ceremony” was held for faculty members promoting academic titles. Speaking at the ceremony, ASU Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Şahin said that getting a title for a faculty member was one of the most exciting and meaningful days in his professional life.

AKSARAY (İGFA) – The distance rule was complied with at a high level in the ceremony designed according to the epidemic conditions. Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Şahin stated that students were the reason for the existence of universities, and this was felt more deeply during the epidemic process. Wishing the epidemic to end as soon as possible, Şahin said, “With the intensification of vaccination studies, we hope that normalization will occur as soon as possible and we will reunite our students.”

Despite the severe conditions experienced, life continues and within a year. Noting that many academicians have received the titles of doctor lecturers, associate professors and professors, Şahin said, “One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an academic member is getting a title. The process of getting titles does not happen spontaneously, and in fact, the person renounces many areas of his life and works intensely. We congratulate all our friends, congratulate them for their hard work and work, and hope that their new titles will bring good luck to them and our nation. ”

After the speech, Rector Şahin presented a” Certificate of Achievement “to the academicians wearing their robes. {2nd}

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