December 6, 2023
New task for national wrestler Taha Akgül from Sivas New task for national wrestler Taha Akgül from Sivas

New task for national wrestler Taha Akgül from Sivas

Olympic, World and European champion Taha Akgül, national wrestler from Sivas, was appointed as the open sports counselor at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

SİVAS (İGFA) – Presidency advisory, Youth and Sports with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The appointment decisions regarding the membership of the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Turkish-Japanese University of Science and Technology Council were published in the Official Gazette. Olympic, world and European champion national wrestler Taha Akgül was appointed as the sports counselor at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Free with 7 European and 2 world championships. style in Turkey, the most successful wrestler, 31-year-old Taha Akgul, 2016 Rio Olympics had also won the gold medal for our country.
gold man nicknamed Taha Ahmed’s sports adviser to the appointment, Sivas It was welcomed with joy by the sports community. Many trainers and athletes in our city sent good messages to Taha Akgül on social media.

Taha Akgül, on November 22, 1990 He was born. Akgül, who is still a student of the Department of Physical Education Teaching at Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University, started wrestling at the age of 14. Having studied at Sivas Wrestling Training Center for 6 years, Akgül settled in Izmir in 2008 and started to read Turkish at 9 Eylül University. After meeting the National Team coach here, his life changed and he started to get more professional training. He won the gold medal in the International Yaşar Doğu Wrestling Tournament held for the 40th time in 2012. In 2014, Tashkent won the gold medal again at the World Wrestling Championship held in Uzbekistan.

In the final of the World Seniors Wrestling Championship held in Las Vegas between 7-12 September 2015, Azerbaijani rival Jamaladdin Magomedov 62 He won the gold medal again, beating with the number key (10-0) per second. Akgül won the gold medal in freestyle 125 kg at the 2015 European Games once again. At the Rio Olympics on 20 August 2016, Taha Akgül defeated her Iranian rival 3-1 in the 125kg final and won the gold medal. Thus, he won the title of Olympic Champion. {2nd}

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