December 5, 2023
New era in trade with the UK New era in trade with the UK

New era in trade with the UK

free trade agreement between Turkey and the United Kingdom (FTA) was signed on 29 December, entered into force on 1 January. All customs duties on industrial products were zeroed. 80 percent of agricultural exports benefit from tax exemption. Free circulation is over, the rules of origin will now apply.

İZMİR (İGFA) – Ministry of Trade International Agreements and European Union Deputy General Director Atilla Bastırmacı, Ministry of Trade EU Expert Ahmet Şevket Dayıoğlu, Trade Ministry of EU and External relations Directorate General of Department Elif Gursoy, the Ministry of Commerce Trade Specialist Image Kolağasıgil Turkey, the United Kingdom and to deepen the relationship Ste post process, organized by the Aegean Exporters’ association told the online video conferencing.


Aegean Exporters’ Unions Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi reminded that the Brexit negotiations, which concern not only the United Kingdom and the European Union, but the whole world, ended with the agreement of both sides. Duty-free and quota-free trade accept that Ashkenazic is performed in the largest trade agreement in the EU, “United Kingdom, followed by the agreements it has concluded with the EU after the first free trade agreement signed with Turkey Brexit. Thus, our bilateral trade relations settled on a new legal basis. The door of a period in which we will increase our trade to 20 billion dollars by preserving the exemption advantage provided by the 25-year Customs Union has opened. United Kingdom in 2020 with 10.4 billion dollars Turkey’s top exporting second market, Aegean Exporters’ Association is taking place on the third market position, his most exports with 825 million dollars, “he said.

United Kingdom With the departure of the EU, the Customs Union relations ended. The UK has begun to reorganize its trade regime with 165 countries. Turkey-United Kingdom agreement and the main purpose stadium continuity; Adapting the Customs Union requirements to the present. Reflecting the Customs Union terms on our exports, imports, and trade. The first step and main scope of our agreement is for merchandise trade. This is the main point that the EU differs from its agreement. The EU agreement covers many areas such as services, investments, security, education.

The only thing to look at when drafting ATR circulation documents was whether the goods were in free circulation. The goods were traded under ATR circulation certificate, the origin was irrelevant. The rules of origin and declaration of origin will prevail in trade with the UK, including the trade of goods under the Customs Union. There will not be a movement document in the current situation.

While an item with an ATR movement document was sent to the UK before, the UK had an obligation to pay compensatory tax since it was an EU member. In the new system, the “repayment” obligation was stretched. The repayment obligation has been abolished in chapters 50 and 63, except for textiles and apparel. You can use the inward processing regime. If the export product is of Turkish origin, there is no obligation to pay compensatory tax. You can arrange the declaration of origin and export it to the UK.

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