April 1, 2023
Nazill’s organic life center Nazill's organic life center

Nazill’s organic life center

Three sisters who come from the rural Ocaklı neighborhood of Nazilli and open a stall at the Perşembe Pazarı have been selling daily fresh milk and eggs as well as products such as butter, yoghurt and cottage cheese that they produce for years to contribute to home economies.

3 sisters who have been opening their stalls from the early hours of the morning every week for 15 years on the side street of Ahmet Şensan Düğün Salonu, adjacent to Eğirdir Restaurant in Nazilli Thursday Market, the largest market in the region. makes a living by selling their own products. Three hard-working sisters offer their customers, who are fixed on the market every week, with products such as butter, yoghurt and cottage cheese, as well as daily fresh milk and eggs and bring them together with organic products.


Emine Koskooğlu stated that they have come to the market with her siblings on Thursdays for 15 years and have done their work with love and meticulousness. He stated, “I have been coming here for 15 years and opening a stall with my brothers. I just took a 3-month break in the pandemic. I live in Nazilli, but I go to the village and come. Because our animals are there. We are people who produce and cannot stop working. We are necessarily busy with something. I go to Thursday and Saturday markets. Any work you do will not burden you. We sell our products to our customers by following the hygiene rules as we pay attention to our own food. Thank God we have customers who come to us every week. Our customers, whose yoghurt, milk, egg and butter are separated every week, come and buy from us. May Allah help everyone in this difficult process and give good deeds to everyone. ”


He has been bargaining with his brothers for 20 years and we love this job. Expressing what they have done, Engül İşlek said, “We have been coming to the market and opening our counter for years. We have certain customers that we are used to now. We contribute to the home economy. We wake up early every morning, have our breakfast and go to our animals. We do our jobs during the day. I’m just coming to Thursday Market. We will come and open our bench as much as our power allows, ”he said.


Sevgi Esen, one of the sisters who draws attention with her diligence, said, “Our job is difficult, but we do it with love. We get up at around 05.00-06.00 in the morning. We go to milk our cows with my wife. We put in the milk stove, we have lunch at 11:00, then we continue work. We go to the garden and do garden work. Feed prices have increased a lot recently, so we have to raise our products. I was getting 250 lira a week of feed. This feed was enough for my animals for 1 week. Now, the feed I take for 1 week is 500 lira. I also do not want to raise my product, but we have to “he said.

The three sisters stated that they will continue to come to the market as long as their health and strength permit.

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