September 27, 2023
Nazilli Belediyespor cannot be stopped Nazilli Belediyespor cannot be stopped

Nazilli Belediyespor cannot be stopped Nazilli Belediyespor, struggling for the championship in the 3rd League 2nd Group, defeated Iskenderun FK 3-1, which he hosted on the court in the 22nd week of the league.

The host team Nazilli in the match played at Nazilli District Stadium; While Oktay, Aytaç and Mert could not make use of the 3 goals, as well as the numerous goal opportunities, he made his insistence on the championship felt with his performance on the field.

The Nazilli team won 3-1 to the other candidate team of the championship, Belediye Kütahyaspor, which will play on weekdays.


Min.6; Meeting with Mert’s rust from the left wing, Muhammet Ali’s shot in the penalty area controlled and hit the ball post, which passed the goalkeeper Onur and went auta.

Min.9; Goalkeeper Onur barely controlled the ball that went to 90 in the head shot of Polat, who rose and hit the ball in the penalty area in the corner shot Aytaç used from the right wing.

(GOL) Min.14; Oktay brought the ball bouncing from the goalkeeper Onur, who touched the ball before Murat in the head shot of Berkay, who rose and hit the ball at the penalty point in Aytaç’s right-wing corner kick: 1-0.

Min. 19; When Mehmet Ersavaş shot from 30 meters, the ball that passed the goalkeeper Onur got a little auta.

Min.23; Goalkeeper Zekeriya hardly controlled the ball, which went 90 in Nureddin’s shot, meeting with the ball on Tolga’s pass.

Min.40; In the middle of Aytaç’s right wing, Bünyamin controlled the ball on the penalty bow and hit the ball in the shot of Bünyamin and goalkeeper Onur slapped the ball with the same beauty.

Min.43; Meeting with the rust Bünyamin threw behind the defender, Mert’s defender struck and hit the goalkeeper in his plaque and captain Dede, who passed the goalkeeper Onur, cornered the line at the last moment.

Min. 44; Ömer Turan, who developed a counterattack with the ball won in the midfield, hit the ball from the ground to 90 in the hard shot of Ömer Turan, who hit the left line of the penalty bow, flew the ball to the goalkeeper Zekeriya.

(GOL) Min.55; The ball hit the defender in Aytaç’s shot met with the ball slapped by the goalkeeper Onur in the hard shot of Bünyamin, who was advancing with the ball he grabbed from the midfield, and hit the ball from 30 meters: 2-0.

Min. 62; Meeting with the wall rust of the Murat Can-Mert duo, Mert Çapar’s shot, who met with the ball that Oktay controlled and conveyed, hit the penalty arc line and grabbed the ball post that passed the goalkeeper Onur.

Min.66; In Emre’s pass, goalkeeper Zekeriya and Tolga, who rose and hit the ball over the defense in the corner shot used by Oğuzhan from the right wing, hit the ball over the penalty line.

(GOAL) Min.75; When Mert-Bünyamin entered the opponent’s penalty area with the wall passes, Mert’s defensive shot hit the ball hard, and the round leather goalkeeper Onur met with nets from his right: 3-0.

(GOAL) Min.90; The guest team, who increased their attacks, met with the ball in the combined attacks developed by İskenderun FK using double wings, and the ball touched by the goalkeeper Zekeriya reached out to meet with Emre’s hard shot over the penalty bow, as reported by Oğuzhan: 3-1.


STAT: Nazilli District

REFEREES: Süleyman Bahadır *, Adem Mazlum *, Burak Özer *

NAZİLLİ MUNICIPALITY: Zekeriya ***, Oktay ****, Mehmet ***, Polat ****, Muhammet Ali ***, Berkay ***, Aytaç **** (Min.73 Hasan Demir **), Tamer ** (Min.45 Sinan **), Murat Can ** (Min.67 Hasan Yurtseven **), Bünyamin ****, Mert ****

İSKENDERUN FK: Onur, Kadir, Dede, Emre, Oğuzhan, Nureddin ** (Min. 59 Mert **), Yüksel, Abdurrahman, Tolga *** (Min.78 Uğur *), Recep * (Min.66 Burak *), Ömer * (Min.78 Mutlu **)

YELLOW CARD: Berkay, Aytaç (Nazilli Belediyespor) – Recep (İskenderun FK)

GOLLER: Min.14 Oktay, Min.55 Aytaç, Min.75 Mert (Nazilli Belediyespor) – Min.90 Emre (İskenderun FK) {2 }



Supported a small number of Nazillian teams who went to the roofs of the houses and to the balconies of the houses that saw the stadium to watch the encounter due to the curfew restrictions on the weekend and no audience was taken within the scope of the Covid-19 epidemic measures that affected the whole world

{ 1} Nazilli Belediyespor Club President Soner Yelkovan watched the match with Nazilli Mayor Kürşat Engin Özcan, Nazilli Deputy Mayor Kadir Mutlu, İskenderun FK President Abdulaziz Yıldız and Nazilli Belediyespor and İskenderun Football club managers.

{1 } {2nd}

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