September 25, 2023
Muglaspor was destroyed in 90 Muglaspor was destroyed in 90

Muglaspor was destroyed in 90 Muğlaspor, struggling not to fall in the 3rd League 4th Group, drew 1-1 with 90 goals against Sultanbeyli Belediyespor in the field and lost 2 very important points on the way to stay in the cluster.

{ 1} MUĞLA (İGFA) – From Muğlapor, which started the match quickly, in the 10th minute, Sultanbeyli Belediyespor caught in the penalty area and Emre’s plaque went to the networks by the goalkeeper Burak.

First The half was completed with this result

In 57, the goalkeeper took Emre Okur’s kick in the penalty area, where Ömer Faruk’s intermediate pass met. In the 61st, again, in Muğlapor’s attack, the ball put by Volkan in the middle of the right of Süleyman came out from the bottom of the pole. In the 75th minute, goalkeeper Barış threw the overclocking shot of Emrah from Sultanbeyli Belediyespor from the left diagonal from the corner. In 81, during the attack of Sultanbeyli Belediyespor, Taner from the left into the penalty area and in the middle of Emrah’s head kick was slightly auta.

Saying that the full match will be completed with this score, in the 90th minute, when Emrah from the away team came over the penalty bow, his shot brought the balance to the score.

Muğlasporlu objected to the referee Halil Erdoğan in 90 + 4. Muhammet saw a red card from the second yellow card and left his team by 10. With this result, Muğlaspor took the last place with 10 points, the visiting team increased its score to 15 and hoped to stay in the league.


REFEREES: Halil Erdoğan *, Emrah Uluçay *, Nezihi Aytar * *

MUĞLASPOR: Barış *, Süleyman *, Bülent *, Muhammet *, Taner *, (Min. 81 Altan *) Emre Yıldırım *, İbrahim Can * (Min. 49 Ömer *), Fatih *, Burçin *, Emre Okur * (Min. 72 Muhammed Emel), Volkan * (Min.81 Atakan *)

SULTANBEYLİ MUNICIPALITY: Burak *, Samet * (Min.64 Muhammet Enes *), Emrah *, Kadir Samet *, Taner *, Sinan * (Min.77 Nurullah), Barış *, İskender *, Uğurcan *, Vedat *, Bülent * (90 + 5 Muhammet Ali)

GOAL: Min. 10 Emre Okur (Muglaspor), Min. 90 Emrah (Sultanbeyli Municipality)

YELLOW CARDS: Muhammet Mustafa, Taner, Fatih, Muhammed Emel (Muğlapor) Vedat, Taner, Bülent (Sultanbeyli Belediyespor)

RED CARD: Min90 + 4 Muhammet Mustafa (Muglaspor)

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