April 2, 2023
Money will be decentralized with blockchain technology Money will be decentralized with blockchain technology

Money will be decentralized with blockchain technology

Speaking at the online seminar on “Blockchain and Crypto Money” organized by BSMMMO, Prof. Dr. Fatma Ulucan Özkul said, “Just as information has become decentralized with the Internet and access to information has become easier, now money is now decentralized with blockchain technology. The existence of the central structure is coming to an end. ”

BURSA (İGFA) – Bursa Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors (BSMMMO), Bahçeşehir University (BAU) Faculty Member, BAU Business Graduate Programs Director and Founding Member of Istanbul Blockchain Women Association Prof. Dr. In the presentations of Fatma Ulucan Özkul and Boğaziçi University lecturer Blockchain Entrepreneur Cemil Şinasi Türün, an online seminar on “Blockchain and Crypto Money” was held. The online seminar, which started with the opening speech of BSMMMO President Doğan Yılmaz, was moderated by Fatma Çil Eradaş, Secretary of the Board of Directors of BSMMMO. The first presentation of the seminar, where members of the profession listened online, was What is Blockchain? What is Bitcoin? Under the title of ‘Blockchain Technology and Finance’, Boğaziçi University Lecturer Blockchain Entrepreneur Cemil Şinasi Türün realized.


“Both technological and “We are in a new transformation sociologically” Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Öğr. See. Türün said, “Blockchain is actually an accounting recording system. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a system where we see the amount of purchase and sale but we do not know from whom it goes to because it is encrypted. Bitcoins are not used in illegal transactions as it is thought. Because it is a structure that is very easy to follow ”. Boğaziçi University Lect. See. Türün said in her presentation: “The depth that Turkish people have discovered in postdated checks is the future of blockchain money. There are no credit generating instruments on the current blockchain. Bitcoin is not a loan instrument. None of them generate credit based on reputation. All in commodity form. So it’s like a mine. When it is unearthed, there is, if there is no. Like digital gold, digital silver. Some are treated like securities, like stocks. But none of them are loans, not bonds, not bonds. ” Adding that there is no technical person or financier in the world with whom they can talk about this, Öğr. See. Type his speech, “It is a situation that we are in the world financial system is collapsing and will be in place after the fall instruments are currently in Turkey,” he ended by saying.


In the continuation of the online seminar, to make a presentation on ‘Accounting and Taxation of Crypto Currencies’, BAU Faculty Member, Business Graduate Programs Director and Istanbul Blockchain Women’s Association Founding Member Prof. Dr. Fatma Ulucan Özkul took it. Starting his presentation by saying “Blockchain technology affects many underlying applications both in a destructive and transformative way”, Prof. Dr. Fatma Ulucan Özkul said, “When we look at the disruptive change side, we see a technology where intermediaries are eliminated. When we look at the converter, I can say that the applications and systems currently used by accounting will completely transform and that this is pregnant with many changes in both knowledge, skills and competence at the level of professionals, and that we will witness them in the very near future ”.


Prof. Dr. Fatma Ulucan Özkul continued her words as follows: “In a world where everything is questioned; Does the double-sided accounting registry system, which has been going on for centuries, provide accurate and reliable information from the state to investors, from managers within the company to employees? Unfortunately it does not. The biggest proof of this is the world financial crisis we experienced in 2008. The Enron scandal that happened before him. We remember how Arthur Andersen went bankrupt. We have seen what the results of accounting corruption. Therefore, it was time to find a solution to this, and with the tripartite registration system, we are actually able to eliminate the troubles we are currently experiencing to a great extent. ”


“The most important issue brought by blockchain technology; Continuing by saying that the registration made cannot be changed, Prof. Dr. Özkul continued his words as follows: “Nobody has the authority or power to change the accounting records made with blockchain technology. This is the philosophy of blockchain technology. Everything does not change, everything is fair, everything is obvious, and there is a system shared by everyone. With the Internet, how information has become decentralized, access to information has become easier and doors have been opened. Now money is now decentralized. The central structure is now coming to an end. I have to accept this. And in the process, the administrations will also become decentralized. Information is gone, money is going, governments will go too. Society will want it. And the process will lead us to this. ”

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