September 27, 2023

“Model Factory” will be a pioneer in production in Gaziantep

Turkey Model key industry starts city from operations in Gaziantep factory by solving problems in the production of industrial enterprises in the city and the region, increasing productivity, and aims to contribute to digitalize.

, GAZIANTEP (IGF A) – {4 } In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Strategic Research and Productivity, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) and the United Nations Development Program, a study has been initiated a while ago in order to increase production efficiency in the manufacturing industry and to ensure Industry 4.0 with the financial support of the European Union.

In this context, in the Model Factory, which was built in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and started service with promotional trainings, training rooms, conference halls and working areas were created as well as machinery and production lines.

Model In the factory, theoretical and practical trainings are given by experts and academicians within the framework of the plan prepared for the production processes and the elimination of the problems.

At the factory, scenarios on the digitalization of enterprises within the scope of Industry 4.0 and production efficiency are prepared, and it is aimed to find solutions in possible situations that may arise. . In the facility, where 22 main topics from energy efficiency to leadership, from process management to psychology of change are shared with engineers and managers in the factory environment, it is aimed to increase the efficiency of both the city and the Southeast in manufacturing.


GSO Board Member and Project Officer Thumb Pinky, Gaziantep, Turkey is one of the major export city, this potential, he said they wanted to further increase the city. Stating that one of the important ways to increase exports is to increase production efficiency and added value, Küçükparmak said, “One of the most important works in this regard is the Model Factory. The Model Factory has the equipment, equipment and bench infrastructure to completely produce a product. Our factory is a virtual environment and not for show. Our factory is really a facility that manufactures, works, and operates every machine and machine. Our aim in the Model Factory is to show the inefficiencies in the production line, to draw scenarios and to train the participants on the factory. The point we fully emphasize is simplifying production processes and increasing productivity in production. ”

Küçükparmak expressed that the Model Factory, which they consider as a pioneering structure, is an applied training center with the works it has done in its field.


to Pinky said he started the business with factory promotion of education, said: “When we compare the SME sector in Germany and Turkey, at least 50 percent of SMEs in Turkey is about what works with less data there is research. This also shows that our current position and our operating structure of Turkey’s most exporting we came to the 5th provincial position, increasing efficiency, reducing waste and placing it as a lean manufacturing culture can come to a better place.

This In this sense, we think that the Model Factory will cause a serious leap forward in Gaziantep industry. Our goal is not only to increase productivity in production, but to transfer the digital transformation culture, which is a necessity of Industry 4.0, to the industrialists in our city with the formation of lean production logic in the next target. We think it will make a serious contribution in this sense. Therefore, we attach great importance to the Model Factory project. ”

Emphasizing that the center can provide significant support to the industrialists in the city and the region, Küçükparmak said,“ Not in the form of adding a line or a machine to anyone, but more We will try to explain how they can produce the product. ”

Başar Küçükparmak added that they believe that a visible change will occur in the sector as the works progress.

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