December 5, 2023
Meryem Hanım came to life again with KO-MEK Meryem Hanım came to life again with KO-MEK

Meryem Hanım came to life again with KO-MEK

Meryem Yıldırım Sevici, whose life was suddenly turned upside down after her accident, came back to life thanks to KO-MEK.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – After a traffic accident, she lost her ability to walk. Meryem Yıldırım Sevici, who could not leave her house, moved to Başiskele Aydınkent neighborhood and her life changed. Sevici, who locked herself in the house and could not overcome her troubles, started to live the turning point of her life by enrolling in sports and KO-MEK Needle Lace course with the guidance of her friends.

Meryem Hanım, who came to the KO-MEK Aydınkent Needle Lace course, is beautiful than the other. He demonstrated his talent in this field by processing handcrafted products. At the same time, instead of doing the sport as ordinary, Meryem Hanım, who said that she was devoted to a real license and was devoted to it, won dozens of medals in arm wrestling and weightlifting competitions in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıttspor. Meryem, who started to push the summit of the world in the struggles she participated, always had the needle lace of the moon and star she knitted in KO-MEK courses.


Meryem Yıldırım Sevici, who has many successes in the world and European competitions, does not leave her handcrafted Turkish flag manuscript, which she handles in KO-MEK, at the competitions she attends. Sevici said, “This writing, which is my own work, gives me strength in competitions” and expressed her happiness by saying “KO-MEK has become my second home.”

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