December 5, 2023

Maternity compassion that will set an example for people in Erzincan

The puppies of a mother dog who died as a result of a vehicle hit in Erzincan and another mother dog, who lost her puppies as a result of a youth disease, was adopted.

ERZİNCAN (İGFA) – Erzincan Municipality Animal Shelter Authorities The motherless puppies introduced their puppies to a mother dog who lost their puppies due to a juvenile disease and the mother dog did not refuse any puppies.

Animal Shelter official Veterinarian Arife Kaya; Erzincan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate, Animal Care Center staff, said that they brought together the mother who lost her offspring with a great struggle and the mother adopted the offspring.

Stating that the milk mother is very sweet, Kaya said, “She adopted 7 babies. We tried to breastfeed them daily so that the mother adopted the offspring by waiting for their daily head. Fortunately, the offspring adopted their mother a lot. We are dealing with a beautiful painting. ”

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