September 27, 2023
Mardin, Turkey ranked first in flour exports Mardin, Turkey ranked first in flour exports

Mardin, Turkey ranked first in flour exports

in an important place with Mardin Plain wheat production in Turkey 3 million acres of land in 80 percent durum and made bread wheat production.

Mardin (IGF A) – Turkey ‘ While 3 million tons of flour is exported annually, approximately 1 million tons of this is realized by the Mardin Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), where 42 flour factories are located.

Abdulnasır Duyan, President of the Mardin Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association and Deputy Chairman of the OIZ, took the first place in flour exports in 2021. He stated that they will not be lost to anyone. In Turkey’s exports 32 percent of Mardin Organized Industry welcomed the factories in the region stated that Cole, “here is the flour produced at the factory in Turkey as well as the Middle East meets the needs of flour in the country to a great extent. Mardin OIZ is the engine of the city’s economy. In addition to flour, we produced 200 thousand tons of pasta last year in the pasta factories located in OSB. We exported 80 percent of this to Iraq and Middle East countries. 2020 export figure is due to the billion dollars, “he said.


Hear pointed out that the exported flour 3 million tons per year in Turkey, it is 1 million He noted that the tone was produced in Mardin. Mardin in Turkey’s exports in 2020 when first heard, indicating that the number one position, “Turkey BIRINCILIGI we have in this area. In the country with the highest export in the world is Turkey. In Turkey, Mardin is the most export. Turkey, while flour exported 3 million tons, 1 million tons of it is exported by the Mardin Organized Industrial Zone. 35 percent of Turkey’s flour exports we cover. The export figure of Mardin OIZ was 903 million dollars. Turkey have risen to 19th place in the rankings. In fact, our target was over $ 1 billion. Mardin has done this in the past. We had an export of 1 billion dollars. 6 thousand workers are employed in the OIZ. We did not fire any workers during the pandemic. Our aim is to add value to the economy of the country and the region. Mardin never slows down in exports and investments, and continues to invest ”.

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