September 27, 2023
Mardin ranks second in copper bazaar Mardin ranks second in copper bazaar

Mardin ranks second in copper bazaar

Mardin Coppersmith Bazaar ranks 2nd in Turkey ranking.

earnings Mardin, also known as Bazaar name Coppersmith Bazaar, when we say copper in Turkey It is among the first places that come to mind. The caregiver profession, which was found in 4000 BC, reached its peak with the Ottoman Empire. Copper items, which have been decorating tables and kitchens since the Ottoman times, have become popular again today. Although the number of masters making copper work has decreased considerably compared to those old times, the coppersmiths’ bazaars, which fascinate themselves with their colorful appearance and enchanting atmosphere, are still trying to survive.

Coppersmith market in 40 years in this profession continues 50-year-old coppersmith master Mehmet Ozcan, noting that copper is mentioned in the forefront in 3 provinces in Turkey, they Gaziantep first, Mardin second Diyarbakir said he received the third place.

Stating that the art of coppersmithing in Mardin has continued for about 2 thousand years, Özcan said, “From Sumerians to Akkadians, from Rome to the Ottoman Empire, the sounds of hammers have never stopped in Mardin copper bazaar. Once upon a time, there were nearly 200 coppersmiths in Mardin coppersmiths’ bazaar. With the development of technology, this number does not exceed 5 to 10 people today. However, we continue this profession from father to son. We continue as 4 brothers after my father. ”

Noting that almost all of the kitchenware and dinnerware used in Mardin were made of copper, Özcan continued his speech as follows. “For this reason, the coppersmith profession was common in Mardin. The copper mine, brought as ingots, was melted down and used to make household items from the smallest dinner plate to the construction of the largest cauldrons. A person entering the caregivers market could neither make his voice heard nor hear his own voice from the sounds of the hammer beating the copper. This bazaar belonged entirely to coppersmiths. Today, we try to keep this handicraft alive somehow. “He said

The known copper bazaar in Turkey 3

1. Gaziantep Bakırcılar Çarşısı

Gaziantep Bakırcılar Çarşısı, an impressive place where those who see it are captivated by the spell, is a unique address where the art of copper work that has been going on for 400 years in the city still continues. As a result of master craftsmanship, the copper products displayed on the counter are appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Turkey’s oldest copper market and which creates a visual feast effect on who marketplace, time waiting for those who want to make a colorful journey.

2 Mardin Coppersmith Bazaar

Gain Mardin, also known as Bazaar name Coppersmith Bazaar , although much of Gaziantep largest and oldest, if not, it’s among the first places that come to mind when called copper in Turkey. Mardin, a city where all the items used in the kitchen since ancient times are made of copper, has a very extensive and crowded bazaar. Today, when you step into this market, you can hear the harmonious voices of the masters beating copper.

3. Diyarbakir Coppersmith Bazaar

One fairly prominent cities in the copper works in Turkey, Diyarbakir, eastern corner of Diyarbakir Coppersmith Bazaar where impressive copper products from each adorned guests drifting into a completely different world. This bazaar, which includes many different products, namely boilers, coffee cups and copper pots, is among the places that tourists visiting the city do not pass without visiting, even though they are looking for their old glorious days.

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