April 2, 2023
Mardin Artuklu will smell lavender Mardin Artuklu will smell lavender

Mardin Artuklu will smell lavender

The first phase of 15 lavender gardens to be established in Mardin’s Artuklu district for women farmers who earn their living with social assistance has been completed.

MARDİN (İGFA) – The initiative for the employment of disadvantaged women who earn their living with social assistance. Within the scope of a World Producing Woman Project, 255 thousand square meters of idle area determined in Artuklu district was turned into an agricultural area for 15 lavender gardens.

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, Ömerli Municipality, Derik Municipality, Nusaybin District Governorship and Dargeçit Municipality provided financial support and DİKA gave approximately 86% grant and the Mardin Provincial Directorate of Family Labor and Social Services was the executor of the “Women Who Produced a World Project”. The first step was completed in Artuklu district within the scope of ”.

A total of 15 lavender gardens, 17 thousand square meters for each female farmer, will be built on 255 thousand square meters for 15 disadvantaged female farmers aged 18-45 who live in Artuklu district and earn their living with social assistance.

Women with low income will be employed in lavender gardens, and new job opportunities and unemployment will be reduced.

Through the women’s cooperative to be established, the social entrepreneurship of farmer women who have to make a living with social assistance will be revealed by marketing products with high added and brand value such as dried lavender flowers and oil obtained from lavenders grown in gardens. Support will be given to women who have developed their professional knowledge and skills to establish a workplace.

Brand value will be created by cultivating organic products with organized zones to be established in the field of agriculture through women’s cooperatives to be established in Artuklu, Nusaybin, Derik, Ömerli and Dargeçit districts.

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