September 25, 2023
Loyalty to the National Wrestler Karabacak in his hometown Loyalty to the National Wrestler Karabacak in his hometown

Loyalty to the National Wrestler Karabacak in his hometown

The name of the National Wrestler Reşit Karabacak, who died on November 19, 2020 due to the COVID-19 he was caught, will be kept alive in Erzurum Sports High School.

ERZURUM (İGFA) – The national wrestler from Erzurum Dünya and the name of the European Champion Reşit Karabacak was given to the Sports High School in Aziziye district with the approval of the Governorship. Erzurum Provincial Director of National Education Salih Kaygusuz stated that it is important to keep the name Karabacak alive, which has embellished the Turkish nation and the people of Erzurum and set an example for the Turkish wrestling community with its success and services. Director Kaygusuz said that the name Reşit Karabacak will be an important role model in terms of showing the young athletes trained in Erzurum.


Reşit Karabacak was born on 5 July 1954 in Akdağ Village of Dumlu District of Erzurum Province. He is married and has 6 children. Reşit Karabacak, who started wrestling life in İzmir Tekel sports club in 1973, continued his wrestling life in Bursa TOFAŞ, İstanbul SİMTEL and Ankara TEDAŞ sports club. After finishing his wrestling career in Coaching National Team Wrestling Federation and Turkey due to the oil wrestling wrestlers center board member who caught the disease he died Covidien-19 in Bursa on November 19, 2020.

Karabacak, during his sports life; 1973 Yugoslavia Great’s Freestyle 68 kg in the Balkans 5th place
1974 in Turkey (Ankara) Freestyle 74 kg in the Balkans 1st

1983 Morocco (Casabianca) Freestyle 74 kg in Mediterranean Games 1st place
1987 Year Syria (Latakia) 1st Place in Mediterranean Games in 90 kg
1975 Year Spain (Madrid) Free Style Europe 4th in 68 kg

{1 } 1976 the USSR (Leningrad) in 74kg Freestyle 6.lık
1977 European Year of Turkey (Bursa) 2nd European Freestyle 74kg
in 1978, Bulgaria (Sofia) Freestyle 74 kg in Europe 3rd place

1979 Year Romania (Bucharest) Freestyle Europe 4th place in 82 kg
1983 Year Hungary (Budapest) 1st place in 82 kg.
1983 YIli S. SC.B (Kiyew) Freestyle 82 kg World 5th place
1985 Year Germany (Leipzing) Freestyle Europe 3rd place at 90kg

1987 Year Bulgaria (Velikotırnova) Freestyle 90kg ‘ 3rd place in Europe
1987 Year Switzerland (Lausanne) Freestyle in 74 kg World 4th place
1982 Edirne (Kırkpınar) Underhead Wrestling

1990 in Edirne (Kırkpınar) Held 3rd place in the head wrestling.

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