December 5, 2023
Loyalty from Bursa Yıldırım to Sarıkamış Loyalty from Bursa Yıldırım to Sarıkamış

Loyalty from Bursa Yıldırım to Sarıkamış

Yıldırım Municipality in Bursa, in order to commemorate 78 thousand martyrs who lost their lives in the Sarıkamış Operation on 15-22 December 1914 and to give moral and motivational support to the soldiers who still continue their military service in Sarıkamış, ‘Loyalty to Mehmetçi from Bursa to Sarıkamış ‘Organized the event.

In addition to Yıldırım Municipality Mayor Oktay Yılmaz, District Director of National Education Mustafa Sevinç, District Mufti İbrahim Halil Demir and Bursa Sarıkamışlılar Culture and Solidarity Association President Murat Kalaycı attended.


Stating that they commemorated the Sarıkamış martyrs with a different event this year, Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz said in his speech, “’Vefa’ We wrote a letter to our Mehmetciks who were doing their military duties in Sarıkamış. Hundreds of letters arrived. All of them are full of emotion. By delivering these letters to our soldiers, we will both cheer them up and commemorate our Sarıkamış martyrs once again. ”

Starting with the recitation of the Quran, Şerefcan Köçkar, a third-grade student at Şerif Artış Primary School, continued with his reading of the letter. The program ended with Mayor Yılmaz adding his own letter to the letters and handing it to Yıldırım Municipality Council Members Şefik Kaya and İhsan Bilgili to take them to Sarıkamış. At the commemoration event, Yıldırım Mufti İbrahim Halil Demir also prayed for the martyrs and Aşık Temel Turabi sang the Sarıkamış Folk Song.

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